Finite Element Method Magnetics : ReadMe42

FEMM 4.2

David Meeker

The distribution also includes the OctaveFEMM, SciFEMM, and MathFEMM toolboxes for interfacing Octave/Matlab, Scilab, and Mathematica to FEMM. See the documentation in FEMM 4.2 folder of your Start menu for more details.

FEMM 4.2 15Nov2013

FEMM 4.2 25Aug2013

FEMM 4.2 11Apr2012 with installer fix

FEMM 4.2 11Apr2012

FEMM 4.2 01Oct2011

FEMM 4.2 09Nov2010

FEMM 4.2 11Oct2010

FEMM 4.2 02Nov2009

FEMM 4.2 15Jul2009

FEMM 4.2 01Apr2009

FEMM 4.2 04Nov2008

FEMM 4.2 23May2008

Patched to fix a bug that can sometimes arise in the implementation of periodic and antiperiodic boundary conditions in all problem types.

FEMM 4.2 06Sep2007

FEMM 4.2 03Jun2007

FEMM 4.2 03May2007

FEMM 4.2 02Apr2007

FEMM 4.2 02Mar2007

As compared to FEMM 4.0.1, version 4.2 :